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Roasted ​Beans

Once order should be more than 25kg

To maintain the coffee quality and better flavoer, we allow separate coffee in five times delivery.  

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Substitutions Roasted Cofffee Beans

  • Order green beans (limited to 25kg or more)

  • Choose the flavor or roast level

  • Choose the packaging method you want (1kg / 5kg)

Good roasting techniques can accentuate the flavor of raw beans. Every step of roasting must be conducted with care, including heating time, temperature control, wind power, etc.
We cooperate with professional roasters, which use the industry's top German PROBAT roasting machine. Its unique roller design ensures that each coffee bean can be evenly heated, to delicately refine the perfect flavor of coffee.

25kg Green coffee beans

Take out the defect of coffee and make sure the moisture

Analysis the best way to roasting coffee

Make sure the flavor

Cupping and cupping

The finale packaging

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