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Vela Ethan was found by a group of friends from all over the world who shared a passion for coffee.


With enthusiasm for coffee, we continue to investigate the best way of planting different varieties of coffee, including how different processing methods and roasting techniques could alter the flavor of coffee, and finally, how to make a perfect cup of coffee.


"Vela" means candle in Spanish, symbolizes hope and vitality, and "Ethan" is named after the founder’s most important person in life. We care about everything you care about, and this is our mission.


We care about sustainability within the coffee industry; therefore, we strictly select products that are environmental friendly, and insist on providing high quality, fresh, and clean coffee beans.


In addition, we have expertise in marketing and coffee knowledge, in which we could offer consultations, helping you expand your business.


At the same time, we provide a full range of services, with company locations in the United States, Taiwan and Shanghai, to provide services instantly and effectively all over the world.



  • Select quality, fresh, and clean green coffee beans.

  • Full Time Temperature Controlled Warehouse.

  • Specially designed packaging to ensure best quality.

  • Q Grader personally checks all production processes and sources

  • Work directly with the farmers on planting and processing methods, to ensure quality stability

  • Provide relevant document certification, such as organic certification, origin, etc.


  • Assist in marketing promotion

  • Free professional coffee related courses

  • Marketing consulting services

  • Customized order service

  • Regular marketing strategy courses


  • Coffee experts: Q graders, SCAE Gold Cup certified

  • Professional Marketing Team: social media platform management, data analysis, event planning, market analysis, product positioning and strategic planning. 


  • Fair Trade Coffee

  • Direct Trade.

  • Adhere to the principle of not destroying the nature, implementing the protection of the environment, and protecting the farmers.

  • Compliant with RFA/BFC/Organic/UTZ certification 4C coffee general management certification.

  • Working together to create a better coffee future.


  • Constantly discovering new product/services.

  • Enhance value and service through innovative methods.

  • R&D product diversity.

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